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PVC Profile Production Processes
Raw Materials
The raw material for making our PVC profiles are tested before they are utilized in production, thus assuring the quality of our end products.
Material Feeding
With highly advanced automatic material feeding equipment, we can effectively improve our production efficiency so as to reduce production cost.
Mould Heating and Shaping
PVC profile is heated by the mould, and then is shaped.
After PVC Profile is extruded by the mould, it will be conveyed by our conveying machines.
PVC Profile will be cut according to desired accurate size (mm) by cutting machine.
Quality Inspection
Our PVC Profile will be inspected by our professional QC personnel. This is an effective way to avoid inferior-quality products.
After inspection, we will pack our qualified PVC profiles using white plastic film, and then deliver them into our warehouse.
Container Loading
We can delivery the goods in time according to our clients' requirements. Our experienced packing personnel can well pack the PVC profile so as to avoid damage caused during transportation.
Main Products
    1. Float GlassThe float glass is made of molten glass, flowing through tweel to tin bath and then to lehr. Under gravity, the glass floating through the molten tin enjoys smooth and flat surface at both sides. In addition, the transmission rate of visual light through the glass can reach almost 90%, so that it can achieve good natural lighting effects when well installed. Available in a complete range of size ...
    1. Tinted Float GlassThis tinted float glass has good lighting effecting, as the transmission rate of natural light passing through the glass is almost 90%. With good heat absorption and reflection, the glass can also effectively reduce the transmission of solar heat radiation, so as to lower the consumption of air conditioner, thus achieving the energy saving purpose.