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Flat Tempered Glass

Our flat tempered glass is available in different types, including clear, tinted, and pyrolytic reflective types. It can be polished to create round edges and the edges can also be chamfered.

The product has high intensity. It is three to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. Also, it is a kind of safety glass, because the glass fragments will not scatter when it breaks. In addition, our flat tempered glass is able to withstand rapid temperature change.

Due to above features, the flat glass is widely used in industries such as building construction, automobile, ship making, furniture, automatic door, elevator, microwave oven, refrigerator, shower enclosure, and more.

To suit customers' demands, we can offer flat tempered glass with thickness from 3mm to 19mm. The maximum product size is 8200mm*2400mm, and the minimum size is 200mm*300mm.

YUJING GROUP is a specialized flat tempered glass manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products including waterproof silver mirror, lead free copper free silver mirror, aluminum mirror, dressing mirror, low reflective glass, and more.

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    1. Tempered Solar GlassThe tempered solar glass features good self-cleaning performance, strong heat stability, high surface flatness, etc. Offering high light transmittance, the tempered glass is able to maximally absorb the solar radiation, thus improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells. The product also has good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, so it is durable and can be used in a variety of environments.
    1. Curved Tempered GlassThe curved tempered glass is manufactured according to GB/T9963-1998, GB17841-1999, and AN/NIS2208-1996 standards. Its fragments will not scatter and do no harm to people around it when it breaks. So, it is a kind of safety glass. Also, the toughened glass offers high hardness and is 4 times harder than ordinary float glass, and it additionally features outstanding resistance to thermal stress and wind-load.