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The building glass, clear and smooth, is manufactured based on the techniques like cutting, insulating, laminating, tempering, and coating. It can be made with curved or flat edge, and comes with the thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 19mm. And the thickness tolerance of glass meets the national standards. Normally, the glass has a complete range of size to choose from, including 3660*2134mm, 3660*2440mm, 3300*2134mm, 3300*2440mm, 2440*1830mm, and 2200*1650mm. What's more, it also has wide color options, such as ultra clear, clear, bronze, blue, green, grey, etc.

Our building glass comes with excellent optical performance and high chemical stability. In addition, it also features high visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate, and low radiating rate (e < 0.1). When positioned well, it can avoid the light pollution and help to build good ecological environment. Furthermore, the glass can effectively control solar energy and block infrared radiation, thus saving expenses of air conditioners in summer and winter. Due to these advantages, the product is applicable to photo frame industry, and other fields like building decorations, mirror making, furniture, etc.

All the products are independent manufactured in our own workshop. In strict conformity to the quality standards of GB/T14915.1, EN 1096, ISO9001:2000, our company can always supply high quality building glass. We can also provide the client with considerate service. With import and export rights, our building glass not only enjoys good reputation among domestic customers, but also sells well in foreign countries such as Germany, Italy, England, America, Africa, Asia countries, etc. Currently, we have been in good relations with the IKEA.

1. Seaworthy wooden crates with silk paper between the two glasses
2. Iron belt for strengthening

Within 25 days after advance payment

As an experienced building glass manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes vinyl safety mirror, tinted float glass, clear sheet glass, aluminum mirror, dressing mirror, tempered glass, among others.

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    1. Clear Float GlassThe clear float glass generally has a thickness of 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, and also has an overall dimension of 600*900mm, 610*914mm, 914*1220mm, 1220*1830mm, 1830*2440mm. Apart from being manufactured with the standard specification, the product can also be cut into round, oval, or any shapes in compliance with customers' requests.
    1. Tinted Float GlassThis tinted float glass has good lighting effecting, as the transmission rate of natural light passing through the glass is almost 90%. With good heat absorption and reflection, the glass can also effectively reduce the transmission of solar heat radiation, so as to lower the consumption of air conditioner, thus achieving the energy saving purpose.