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Decorative Silver Mirror

The decorative silver mirror is a type of classic mirror that can give actual images because of its clear and bright surface. It utilizes durable clear float glass as the substrate, which is then further processed by our modern equipment, resulting in mirror of great beauty and high quality. In addition, the manufacturing process fully conforms to ISO 9001:2000 and is environmental friendly.

This decorative mirror is coated with a lead-free and copper-free silver film, which is rigid and bond well with the glass. It also comes with two layers of waterproof and anticorrosive paint that can well protect the mirror from being damaged by acid and moisture. This silver mirror takes good advantage of optical principles, bringing about a feeling of depth and a sense of beauty to any room or building. Obtaining the certificates of TUV and INTERKET, the product is widely used by IKEA, B&Q, Wal-Mart, and other markets. According to customers' requirements, the code can also be sprayed on the mirror surface.

Specifications of the Decorative Silver Mirror
Thickness: 2-8mm
Sizes: 1567*667mm, 668*668mm, 936*366mm, 1128*738mm, 788*418mm, 688*868mm, 914*610mm, etc., or as per customized
Colors: clear, bronze, blue, green, grey and other colors
Back-coating: Clear, grey, green, red, etc.
Shapes: round edge (also named as C-edge, pencil edge), flat edge, beveled edge, etc.

Sea worthy wooden cases with interlayer paper

Within 15 days after receiving your deposit of TT or L/C

YUJING GROUP is a specialized decorative silver mirror manufacturer based in China. Our company also supplies lead free copper free silver mirror, waterproof silver mirror, fog free bathroom mirror, dressing mirror, and more.

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