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Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Our frameless bathroom mirror is a kind of silver mirror, which has high quality due to the modern mirror production line, excellent quality control team, and experienced working staff. It can be cut with various sizes by several automatic cutting machines, and the edge can be polished by using modern beveling machine and other edge processing machines.

After going through cutting and edge polishing, the mirror sheet will be washed by the automatic washing machine, and then dried for inspection to make sure there is no bubble, scratch, or stain on the surface. Furthermore, a CAT I or CAT II vinyl film shall be applied on the back of the mirror, so as to protect people from being hurt when the mirror is broken.

Size Options of the Frameless Bathroom Mirror
668*668mm, 1567*667mm, 1268*368mm, 1534*534mm, 936*366mm, 1497*587mm, 747*447mm, 1589*230mm, 949*380mm, 949*180mm, 578*578mm, 1180*580mm, 1380*580mm, 580*580mm, 111*111mm, 112*112mm, 113*113mm, 980*580mm, 980*585mm, 1268*368mm, 868*668mm, 788*418mm

Test Report
1. CASS Test Report

Sample Description Exposure Period IKEA requirement Description of Test result Compliance Symbol
Lead Free Mirror 120 hours Edge Corrosion <1.5mm <1.5mm +
Number of Spots
2 of 0.2mm < diameter < 3mm

2. ISO9001, No: 11909 q 10288RoS

3. TUV Test Report, No: Z108100882

As a specialized frameless bathroom mirror manufacturer and supplier in China, YUJING GROUP also provides luminum mirror, bathroom mirror, clear float glass, co-extruded sliding door and window PVC profile, vinyl safety mirror, and more.

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