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Aluminum Sheet Mirror

The aluminum sheet mirror is made of clear or tinted float glass, which is then coated with two layers of colored paint on the back surface. It produces clear and actual images by reflection. In addition, the protective layer effectively resists acid and moisture, making the mirror durable in use. This aluminum sheet mirror can be provided with different sizes and shapes, so as to better suit customer's various requirements.

Sizes: 600x900mm, 910x914mm, 914x1220mm, 1016x1220mm, etc. (thickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm)
1830x1220,1830x2440,1650x2200,3050X2134,3300X2134 mm, etc. (thickness: 3~6mm)
Back-coating color: clear, grey, green, red, etc.
Shapes: round edge (also named as C-edge, pencil edge), flat edge, beveled edge etc.

Packing and Delivery
Sea worthy wooden cases with interlayer paper
Within 10 days after receiving your deposit of T/T or L/C

YUJING GROUP is a specialized aluminum sheet mirror manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include lead free copper free silver mirror, waterproof silver mirror, clear float glass, vinyl safety mirror, and more.

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